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Catalog Number 83.64.5
Object Name Abstract of Title
Scope & Content Certificate No. 188 United States of America to William H. Merriman, Artimesia Merriman, his wife in Book 23 of Deeds, page 182-3, dated May 19, 1866;
Deed , William H. Merriman and Artemesia Merriman, his wife to Henry Yoakam, in Book 1 of Deeds, page 179-80, Consideration, $10,000.00, dated April 25, 1897;
Warranty Deed, Henry Yokum to Watson R. Mynatt, in Book 2 of Deeds, page 562-3, Consideration $1410.00, dated February 2, 1863 ;
Mortgage, Watson R. Mynatt and Susanna Mynatt, his wife to H. Wollenberg in Book 5 of Mortgage, page 225, Consideration $1000.00, dated March 15, 1881 ;
Civil Suit by S. Marks and A Marks, Partners under the firm name of S Marks and Co. vs S C Miller and B R Mynatt - suit in equity to set aside sale. Court Ruling: It is therefore ordered and adjudged that said sale and order confirming said sale be set aside and held for naught; that aplaintiffs be restored to their judgment lien, and relieved from their said bid and that plaintiffs be permitted to issue execution in said suit of Mars and Company against B R Mynatt and Nancy Mynatt.
Civil Suit to foreclose by S Marks and A Marks partners under the firm name of S Marks and Co. vs B R Mynatt and Nancy Ann Mynatt and Z T Siglin. Court Ruling: It is ordered and adjudged that said mortage be foreclosed that each of said defendants be barred of all equity of redempotion in and to said premises heretofore described tht under said decree of foreclosure all the right title and interst that the said defendants had in or to said premises on the second day of January 1883 or at any time thereafter in the said real property be sold in the manner provided by law as real property be sold under execution and taht the proceeds of said sale be first applied to the payment of the costs and expenses of such foreclosure and sale to the payment of $125.00 as attorney's fees to the payment of $1887.78 with interest form the 11th day of June 1889 and that execution issue therefor that the sheriff of Douglas County, Oregon is hereby directed to deliver and place in possession of said premises the purchaser thereof at said place.
In the matter of the estate of S Marks and A Marks.
In the matter of the estate of Watson Mynatt.
Warranty Deed, Susan Mynatt to Ada A Pogue, in Book 51 of Deeds, page 235-6, Consideration $200.00, dated August 18, 1905;
Warranty Deed, L R Mynatt and Mary E Mynatt, his wife, C M Mynatt unmarried, Viola A Mynatt unmarried, Ada A Elliner and T M Ellinger, her husband, Menecy M Eley and H N Eley, her husband, Penelope J Smyth and D R Smyth, her husband to L W D McKeel, in Book 74 of Deeds, page 306, Consideration $125.00, dated September 30, 1913 ;
Certificate No. 305, United States of America to William L Wilson and his wife Hukdah M Wilson in Book 12 of Deeds, page 606;
Certificate No. 25, United States of America to Lavina West, in book 12 of Deeds, page 610 ;
Warranty Deed Lavina West to Wm L Wilson, in Book 5 of Deeds, page 394, Consideration $400.00, dated November 3, 1871 ;
Mortgage, Wm L Wilson and Hattie Wilson, his wife to Augusta Wilson, in Book 12 of Mortgage, page 429, Consideration $1000.00, dated March 4, 1892 ;
In the matter of the estate of Wm L Wilson
Warranty Deed, G W Matsler and S J Matsler, his wife to H A Razor, in Book 44 of Deeds, page 317, Consideration, $3000.00, dated December 28, 1901
Mortgage, H A Rasor and Minnie O Rasor, his wife to G W Matsler, in Book 21 of Mortgage page 13-14, Consideration $1000.00, dated Decembeer 31, 1901 ;
Warranty Deed, H A Rasor and M O Raser, his wife to L W D McKeel, in Book 71 of Deeds, page 623, Consideration $10.00, dated January 25, 1911
Mortgage, L W D McKeel and Sarah McKeel to J W Ranso, in Book 30 of Mortgage, page 363, Consideration $500.00, dated February 8, 1912
Mortgage, L W D McKeel and Sarah McKeel to J W Ransom, in Book 31 of Mortgage, page 520, Consideration $1125.00, daated November 14, 1914 ;
Mortgage, L W D McKeel and Sarah McKeel, his wife, to Logsdon Brothers, in Book 32 of Mortgage, Page 1, Consideration, $500.00, dated January 6, 1915
Civil Suit between Willie E Smith vs L W D McKeel and Sarah McKeel
Warranty Deed, Willie E Smith and Parcles Smith, his wife to E R Cochrane and Meda E Cochrane, husband and wife in Book 80 of Deeds, page 140, Consideration $10.00, dated August 23, 1919.
Title Abstract of Title William H. Merriman Donation Land Claim
Collection Library
Accession number 83.64